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“Prevent Hare Loss this Easter”

March 24, 2015

Connie Andrews has been on a campaign for 16 years to 'Prevent Hare Loss this Easter.' She created a popular website for people interested in rabbits as house pets, in 1998.  The main goals of the website is to educate the public about rabbit care and discourage impulse buying of live rabbits as gifts for children at Easter.

Andrews feels it's important raise awareness before each spring and remind parents that a plush stuffed toy bunny or a chocolate rabbit is a better choice for an Easter gift than a live bunny. She has informally rescued domesticated rabbits to socialize for adoption for and has also volunteered her time with Basically Bunnies, formerly located near Reno, Nevada and the Companion Rabbit Society in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She currently maintains Hopperhome as an informational resource especially for anyone new to house rabbits along with a blog and twitter site.

According to Andrews the problem of discarded pets after Easter can be prevented if people understand rabbits have unique requirements and can live as long as a cat or dog up to 10 years or more.  "One of my a rabbits, Sweetie,  is still going strong at nine years old.  Unfortunately, rabbits overburden animal shelters and rabbit rescue groups nationwide within a few months after Easter.  Most rabbits without hope of adoption are destroyed.  Also, many people will release their pet rabbit into the wild thinking it can fend for itself. This is especially cruel for domesticated rabbits because they are helpless and prey for everything including owls, dogs, cats, coyotes and much more.'  A free downloadable flyer, "A Dozen Wild Reasons to Never Abandon a Rabbit Outdoors" 's available on Hopperhome. Several other informational flyers are also available including a Rabbit Fact Sheet.

Andrews emphasizes that "rabbits are not a low maintenance nor an inexpensive pet to keep.  Unless neutered or spayed between 4 to 6 months of age, they can become aggressive, territorial and overwhelming for a child.  Adult rabbits may not enjoy being picked up which can be frustrating for a child who wants to hug their pet.  Also, fragile rabbit backbones break easily.  Children can have a hard time getting a firm grip on a kicking rabbit and drop it.   A stuffed toy rabbit or a chocolate rabbit is a safer and more humane Easter gift especially for children."

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